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Password Strength Password Strength

An enhancement for phpBB3 that will show users how strong (or weak) their password is as they type it into the password field when creating or updating their account.

Browser support

Chrome 4+4+     Firefox 3.5+3.5+     Safari 3+3+     Internet Explorer 6+8+     Opera 8+8+


Test password strength using Complexity:
Complexity is an unintelligent test that checks for complexity in a password by looking for a mix of characters, case, symbols, numbers and length. This is useful for encouraging hard to remember complex passwords, but can score easily cracked passwords like `P@s$w0rd` as Strong.

Test password strength using the "zxcvbn" algorithm:
zxcvbn (used by DropBox) is an intelligent algorithm that calculates the guess-ability of a password by comparing it to a large dictionary of common English words as well as looking for recognizable patterns like `P@s$w0rd`. This is a more robust strength checker that allows for user-friendly passwords that are easy to remember but still hard to guess. A Very Strong result represents a password that may take a computer years to centuries to guess.


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